A friend asked me to show her how to code, and I got bored on a lunch break at work, so I thought I'd make something random and cryptic in order to refresh my memory on HTML. I'm midway through reading House Of Leaves (I know, how cliche - and probably very noticeable from certain design choices) and I thought 'What if the Navidson House was actually a website?' So... that's what this is now. I've got a story in mind, and will be working that out as I go. It's not an ARG, just a story I wanted to try telling in a different format than I'm used to. I love coding but find I've never really got anything to work on so I thought this would be a good project I could add to procedurally.

There's nothing here yet, because I don't want to make it fully accessible until it's finished, but you've got this much for now - this page will be deleted when the story is finished. Do follow if this project sounds interesting to you. I've also left my social media below - there won't be anything about this site on them, but hey, you might want to check them out. :)

- Harvey (@FrosnPls)

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... You want a sneak peek?