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Q: Why do you go by 'Darker'?

A: Well, why does anyone go by anything? When I first started this site I was completely anonymous, but people need a name to attach to someone, so nicknames occur naturally at some point. 'A' and 'Place' hardly work, so Darker it was/is.

Q: Will you ever reveal your name/face/age/etc?

A: NO. My private information is just that; private. The most I will tell you is that I'm an adult. That's all you get.

Q: Why did you make this website?

To be completely honest, I think it was loneliness. I felt I had nowhere I could really express myself, so I made A Darker Place to feel I could share myself with others. I know, that totally contradicts the last answer. Shut up. It's not really that anymore, anyway. I'm not sure how to describe why I keep it now. Maybe the same reason I call it a house; it's comfortable, and I'm used to it.

Q: Why do you still maintain the site?

A: ... Narcissism. (¬_¬)

Q: Can we be friends?

A: Only if it happens naturally. Not if you just ask. The friends I have made on the internet in my time have either been through mutual friends IRL, connections on accounts I no longer have, or people I have found a connection with because we both like each other's pages. If you want to be friends with me, it should be natural. You can't just ask and we'll be 'besties', suddenly.

Q: Can I link to your page from mine?

A: Only if it's to say how much you love my page and how extremely cool and interesting and inspirational it is.

Q: Will you feature my page?

A: No. Not even if you ask me very nicely. This is my page, and I keep it contained. This page stays an unconnected island, as it were. Yes that sounds pretentious and no there isn't a way I can rephrase it because nothing else feels as fitting.

Q: Do you have any social media?

A: Nope. Nothing other than private chat profiles. This is the only public internet space you'll find me on. That hasn't always been the case, but I deleted all of my accounts at some point in a moment of what I'd like to call clarity.

Q: Can I hug you?

A: For the love of God keep your hands, arms, and all other limbs to yourself.

Q: Do you really need an F.A.Q. page?

A: Look, it's my page, man. You mind your own business.

Q: Are you just trying to pad out the page now?

A: ...Shut up. (ಠ_ಠ)


Why do you have an F.A.Q page?

So you can be as nosy as you want without the hassle of actually trying to talk to me, essentially. I quite frequently get asked certain questions about myself or my page through comments or emails, and frankly I'm a little sick of repeating myself. Here's your answers, you bunch of... weevils.

I don't know. What's something that there's a lot of, and they're a pest, and they want something from you and won't leave you alone until they get it?

... Mosquitos.

Or something.

I've lost the thread of where I was going with this.

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